Taking Help to the Remotest Corners of India During COVID

By Manisha Raghunath

With the pandemic killing every aspect of livelihood, especially during the lockdown, people in rural areas were left wanting for critical medical resources and other daily needs essential items to reach them under several time constrained situations.

Some of the ACT grantee companies were involved in the herculean task of transporting some critical resources. Haqdarshak, one of the ACT Grantees, embarked on a project to equip citizens with a host of facilities that would not just help them financially but also get them the required essentials to tide through the lockdown period and thereafter.

As they themselves…

Written by — Sweta Daga

When the pandemic hit India, citizen groups and non-profit organizations came together to support vulnerable communities and frontline workers. Two of those groups were ACT Grants and Omidyar Network India.

Siddharth Nautiyal, a partner with Omidyar Network India says, “The pandemic required a response from investors to fund solutions that can assist people and government. Collaborating allowed various partners to benefit from each other’s skill and focus areas and to work together to amplify impact. We felt that the biggest impact was the coming together of people in the ecosystem and acting fast on the…

Expediting Covid19 Testing in India via AI-based Solutions

By Manisha Raghunath

Covid19 is as mysterious to the medical fraternity as it is to the general public, maybe a little less yes but definitely not a puzzle everyone’s been able to piece together. In such a scenario, it’s important to understand the extent to which it has spread. Therefore, testing as many people as possible becomes super essential.

A number of cases of Covid are turning out to be asymptomatic patients which come to light only when a symptomatic patient gets tested. …

Robotic Solutions — Changing Health Treatment Protocols in India

By Sweta Daga

In March when the national lockdown was announced in India, the government tried to prepare for patients by supporting hospitals with equipment and gear, a crucial part being ventilators. Since the medical community was indicating that COVID was a disease that impacted people’s ability to breath, it was important that ventilators be in good supply.

Mr. Harshit Rathore,who is the CTO & Director of Nocca Robotics, explains, “Nocca Robotics primarily started as a company to design and develop solutions for real world problems. Before the lockdown began in India, Nocca developed products for the solar industry. …

Supporting COVID Prevention Using Drone Technology

By Sweta Daga

“During the lockdown period there were two things happening in parallel,” says Smit Shah, the Director of the Secretariat for the Drone Federation of India. “One, as a country we had never been home for such a long period of time and it wasn’t just one area, but the whole nation. Second, because the national government had put in place strict protocols, the local police had the burden of taking care of whole cities and towns. It became a struggle for them to enforce the government’s rules because there was not…

By Shazib Siddique

In a conversation with Siraj Dhanani, Founder and CEO of InnAccel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which had developed a non-invasive ventilation system that provided respiratory support to moderately severe hypoxemic Covid patients. In this interview Mr. Dhanani spoke about how his company met the challenges of pandemic, answers questions and mis-conceptions around the usage of ventilators and talks about the road ahead.

The unprecedented rise in Covid19 cases has created a severe shortage in ventilators for extremely critical patients and the costs of procuring them also makes them an unaffordable commodity during this health crisis. …

By Sweta Daga

“Actually, one of the biggest problems is that many people are not even aware that they are eligible for government support,” says Sumedh Ranade, who helps to lead the central operations team at Haqdarshak, an online technology platform that helps citizens access government schemes.

When the national lockdown hit India in March, some of the most affected people were blue-collar and daily wage workers. Many of these workers were also separated from their families at this time, and had little to no savings. They were not sure how to access government support. …

Managing Covid Treatment Inside the Safety of Our Homes

By- Shazib Siddique

Up until April, every other person who was diagnosed with coronavirus was being directly sent either to the hospitals or the COVID care centres for treatment. Meanwhile, the increasing number of COVID positive cases compounded extra burden on the existing health care ecosystem of the country. Adding thousands of such people in institutional quarantine required a sudden and steep ramping up of the country’s healthcare infrastructure. …

Small wins provide big gains — Scaling solutions for India’s healthcare infrastructure

Written by Sweta Daga

“It was a matter of persistence and small wins,” says an ACT Grants (Action COVID-19 Team)representative, who is part of the government engagement team within ACT Grants . “When we started in April, we were trying to offer the government solutions that we felt might support them, but we quickly learned that what we needed to do first was understand their needs and more importantly — understand the needs at each level of the government; whether municipal, district, or state.”

On March 24th, 2020, India went into a national lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19…

Caring through Covid-19 — ACT’s approach to mental health awareness

By — Sweta Daga

When it became clear to the world that the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 wasn’t going anywhere, countries began healthcare procedures to prevent the spread of the pandemic through public awareness campaigns and national lockdowns. While doctors worked on ailments of the physical kind, there was another issue that was beginning to show.

“There was so much uncertainty in March and April,” says Ramni Kaushik, a counseling psychologist, who is part of the COVID Response team. “We could see small indicators drawn from our own personal lives; we could see how this transition into total lockdown was impacting…

ACT Grants Initiative

We are backing ideas that are capital efficient, scale ready and can create immediate impact to combat Covid-19.

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