• Swati Khanna

    Swati Khanna

    Life goal is to be unique. Appreciate Originality, Honesty and Transparency.

  • Ravi Narayan

    Ravi Narayan

    Founder/CEO Stratyges LLC, Washington DC. "The Silent Leader"

  • Mekin


    Interested in Education & Social Impact; Indian; techie; optimist; student for life; entrepreneurial; believe in people; Helped build & scale Flipkart

  • Anant Vidur Puri

    Anant Vidur Puri

    Views are personal...

  • Sunandan Madan

    Sunandan Madan

  • Chaitanya Dilip Pathak

    Chaitanya Dilip Pathak

    Social Impact Consultant, Gandhi Fellow, Engineer. Ardent foodie with a lust for music & love for photography and poetry.

  • Himadri


    Just a tiny speck in the vast universe! Engineer | MBA | Public Policy Enthusiast | Foodie

  • Abhinav Verma

    Abhinav Verma

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