Increasing Ventilator Supply : The Max Ventilator Solution

Max Ventilators, which is solving for the shortage of ventilator capacity in the country, has already delivered 150+ ventilators in India. A conversation with the Max Ventilator team that is manufacturing ventilators and helping hospitals across the country increase critical care capacity

What led you to be involved in this initiative?

Max is one of the leading and oldest ventilator manufacturing companies in India. We have been producing ventilators since 25 years. We are one of few ventilator manufacturers in India and have constantly innovated to create high quality, cost effective devices for use in India and other developing countries. We have more than 8000 ventilators installed across India since inception.

As soon as the COVID cases started to rise, we knew we had to step up and help the country. We immediately doubled our production and now are aiming to increase it by over 3x in the next few weeks. At the same time, even though there was an opportunity we did not increase our prices even in the face of increasing input costs due to global demand for ventilator parts.

What is the current traction on the ground?

Currently, we have delivered over 150 ICU ventilators to various hospitals. In addition we have signed an MoU with MG motors to further increase our production. We have also accelerated the launch of our newest ICU ventilator model and have started to scale up production.

Installation of the team’s ventilators at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital
Installation of the team’s ventilators at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

What is the plan for the next few weeks? Where would you need support on scaling up?

Our focus is on maximizing our production and trying to meet all the orders that are placed with us as soon as possible. However the biggest bottleneck is input materials since they are in high demand everywhere in the world for ventilator manufacturing

Secondly, logistics remains a challenge due to lockdowns and we remain focused on moving parts as soon as possible to ensure continuous and high volume production

The team has delivered over 150 ICU ventilators to various hospitals.